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You need to juggle home office and family and long for relief? Simply choose your BLOCK HOUSE restaurant and order your preferred meal for takeaway.

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Iceberg and green salads, tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumber, onions, radish and red radish

Tomato Bruschetta

fresh diced tomato with pesto of basil, olive oil and onion on BLOCK HOUSE bread

Beetroot Carpaccio

with Italian dressing, fresh chives and BLOCK HOUSE bread

Büsum prawns

from the North Sea, with red radishes, dill, onions, cucumbers and olive oil, served with wholemeal bread

Tatar from free range beef

from cattle reared in northern Germany, classically made fresh for you, served with wholemeal bread

For choosing a fresh starter instead of our house salad for your steak menu, we will cross-charge you 3.00.

Choose your dressing:

American dressing:
sweet, creamy, enhanced with estragon

French dressing:
spicy with a hint of garlic

Italian dressing:
spicy, with herbs, olives and cold-pressed oil


wafer-thin slices of beef reared in northern Germany, with pesto, rocket and Grana Padano

Ceasar Salad

romaine salad, iceberg lettuce, rocket and baby spinach with garlic croûtons, made with French dressing and Grana Padano

Bull Soup

hearty beef broth with meat from our own breeding and vegetable chunks, served with BLOCK HOUSE bread.

Goulash Soup

Hungarian-style, piquant, with fresh peppers and plenty of beef from cattle reared by ourselves, served with BLOCK HOUSE bread

French-style onion soup

cooked classically with white wine and cheese gratin

Garden Potato

Our popular baked potato with sour cream, served with fresh carrot vegetables and bruschetta 

Veggie Cheeseburger (NEW)

Burger made in-house from our Block Menu, plant-based with sunflower protein, peas, mushrooms and beetroot. With avocado cream, tomato confit and Edam cheese on BLOCK HOUSE bread, served with French fries

The three classics

our large salad with freshly fried seasonal mushrooms, baked potato, BLOCK HOUSE bread

Vegetable Fusilli (NEW)

Italian durum wheat pasta with crunchy pan-fried vegetables in a mild tomato sauce, tossed in a pan of butter optionally with fried chicken fillets


a first-class cut from our own butcher, 180 g, from the young, hearty sirloin


from carefully selected BLOCK HOUSE calf with a small, juicy strip of fat, 250 g, meaty and tender


from the rib-eye, 250 g, well marbled with a small eye of fat, juicy and tender


tender, matured prime rib, 350 g, the pride of our butcher, from a lava-stone grill, with freshly grated horseradish


180 g from the most tender cut of the calf, spiced with the popular BLOCK HOUSE Steak Pepper


the best cut of the fillet, 250 g, cut thick and high, crispy outside and tender-pink inside, with herb butter

T-BONE STEAK , 1.1 lb

tender fillet and juicy roast beef on the T-bone, 500 g, with crispy strip of fat and our herb butter. Also for two to share

Prime Chicken

crispy roasted, tender breast of poularde with baked potato and sour cream, BLOCK HOUSE bread and coleslaw garnish

Filet Medaillons with Vegetables

tender beef fillet medaillons with potato gratin and colourful carrot vegetables

Norwegian Fjord Salmon

roasted salmon fillet in a dill and butter sauce, with radish, cucumber and diced onion, served with potato gratin and spiced leaf spinach

American Salad

crispy roasted tender breast of poularde with seasonal leaf salad, tomatoes, radish, cucumber, onions and American dressing

Caesar Salad

Romaine salad, iceberg lettuce, rocket and baby spinach with garlic croûtons, made with French dressing and Grana Padano

- with breast of poularde

- with beef steak strips

Classic Block Burger (NEW)

200 g beef from our own reared cattle, with freshly baked BLOCK HOUSE bread, topped with Edam cheese, served with French fries and coleslaw garnish

New York Cheeseburger

our Block Burger 200 g, on freshly baked BLOCK HOUSE bread, topped with Edam cheese, served with French fries and coleslaw garnish

Sirloin steak

180 g, from the heart of the rump, served with baked potato, sour cream and coleslaw garnish

Barbecue Steak Platter

small beef rump medallions with BBQ steak sauce and French fries

Fitness Pan

our crispy vegetables from the pan with juicy beef and spicy green pepper sauce


with garlic, fresh from the oven

Baked Potato with sour cream
Potato gratin
French fries
Green pepper sauce

hot, with green pepper

Avocado dip with lemon
BBQ steak sauce with mango
Steak garlic butter
Sour Cream
Colourful carrot vegetables

with shallots and fine ginger

"Brasserie" leaf spinach

delicately spiced with onions

Crispy fried vegetables
freshly fried bell pepper, snow pea pods, champignons and red onions

Coleslaw “American Style”
Home-made, fresh white cabbage salad, carrots and cucumber gratings

Fresh mushrooms à la Crème

Creamed Spinach

creamy and mild