Openness & honesty
We practice personal and direct communication! Through mutual trust we find common solutions.
We respect and honor each other. We acknowledge the work and performance of our colleagues.
We are aware of the importance of our work. Therefore, we take full responsibility for every single employee to ensure a prosperous future for the company!
We reach our goals by acting reliably and trusting each other.
We are working enthusiastically and with high effort. We motivate each other constantly to reach extraordinary performance.

The history of Block House

All started in 1968 with the first Block House restaurant on Dorotheenstraße in Hamburg, Germany. In 1978 there were already ten Block House restaurants and the idea of the system gastronomy established in the full service segment. To guarantee high quality standards Eugen Block founded several companies fulfilling different tasks but serving one purpose: A constantly high supply quality for all Block House restaurants. Founded on this idea and followed by many more concepts and visions today’s Block Gruppe evolved little by little. 

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