Dishes to Relish – the new products in the shops

Block House offers connoisseurs maximum enjoyment with six Dishes to Relish. Block House is bringing chicken with peppers and lemon, beef in mango-coconut sauce and beef in barbecue sauce to the shops for people who like easy cooking – under the “Dishes to Relish” product label. Lovers of traditional cuisine can enjoy knuckle of veal ragout, beef roulade and beef stroganoff within their own four walls whenever they want.  All the dishes contain a complete meal with guaranteed tender meat, basmati rice or potato purée.  Our six delicious dishes are available in the shops from August 2017.

These dishes from Block House provide great pleasure on a plate in no time flat. The traditional meat dishes are cooked slowly and gently at low temperatures in a vacuum bag, so that all the valuable ingredients remain intact and the meat is tender and aromatic. The beef comes directly from the Block House master butchery. Traditionally prepared and in outstanding quality, the products are available from the chilled food counter to be cooked in the bag. In your kitchen at home they are then quickly and easily prepared in a few minutes, immersed in boiling water or in a microwave. Maximum quality, minimum effort – that’s how Thomas Mänecke, Board Member of Block Foods explains the idea behind these dishes. “The quality of the product, awareness of the origin and freshness of the ingredients is becoming increasingly important for consumers. Best enjoyment and demand for high quality goes hand in hand with the desire for quick and easy cooking. With the Block House ‘Dishes to Relish’ product line we are responding to the growing demand for top quality, fresh and ready-to-eat products that are guaranteed to succeed.”