Four new ones for greater burger variety
The four new burgers extend the current Block House range and ensure a superlative taste experience with refined truffle, smoky barbecue aroma and meat from regional free-range cattle. Of course the popular Block Burger and the American Burger – also from 100% best beef – also continue to be available in the shops. All the new burgers are produced from 100 per cent prime beef. The frozen patties are easily prepared in a frying pan, in the oven or on the grill in your kitchen at home. All the new speciality burgers are available in 320 gram packs from well-stocked stores.

The Angus Block Burger
Beef professionals use meat from Black Angus cattle for especially juicy burger enjoyment – the Angus Block Burger promises the ultimate taste enjoyment from 100 per cent prime beef. The extraordinary taste that comes from its finely grained and well-marbled flesh develops on the extensive meadows of the Transylvanian region of Romania. The animals there live in accordance with the strict standards that Block House sets its breeders and farmers.

The Uckermark Block Burger

The Uckermark Block Burger meets the high demands of customers who are conscious of their lifestyle. The meat for this burger comes directly from the Block House cattle breeding programme. The Uckermark cattle is ethically kept between the Baltic Sea and the river Elbe, with plenty of space to move, by contract farmers in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. This way our regional breeding programme guarantees beef of the very highest quality.

The Truffle Block Burger
True burger gourmets who appreciate the noble things in life are particularly looking forward to the new Truffle Block Burger. These beef patties from the Block House butchery are refined with the most precious edible mushroom in the world, the black truffle. Luxury beef taste combines itself here with a stylish burger experience.

The BBQ Block Burger
The classic from the American cuisine. It’s barbecue time when meat cooks at a moderate temperature in the smoke of a wood fire. The experts from the Block House butchery refine the variety of flavours and aromas from fine smoking woods for the BBQ Block Burger. This way a “fresh from the grill” taste can be prepared – even from a frying pan.