Burger Box

Every burger fan knows about all the ingredients you need for a really great burger. To ensure that no component is missing, Block House is launching the new Block House Cheese Burger box onto the food retail market from April 2017 onwards.

The Block House Burger Box contains all the elements necessary for two top-class cheese burgers. The heart of the burgers are the 125 gram American cheese burger patties, made from 100% juicy beef from our own Block House butchery. The premium rye-based sourdough burger rolls will entice you with their crisp crust and their fluffy-light taste. The burger is finished off with additional selected ingredients in original Block House quality.  Our smoky barbecue sauce, a fresh cucumber relish and tasty Irish cheddar top off the Block House cheese burger. The enclosed Block House Steak Pepper gives the burger the right seasoning. All the components for two choice cheese burgers are there – in best quality and perfectly-portioned quantities. The Block House Burger Box is available in the shops in a deep-frozen, 514 gram package for €5.99 (RRP).