Hooray, hooray we're here today!

Hooray, hooray we’re here today!


May we introduce you? The figures that present our children’s menus have been redesigned. You can meet them here!

Blocky Block

Blocky Block is the Block House mascot. He is very generous and helps kids wherever he can. Even if there is no need for help he is still there with great promotion events, toys, or even just a merry little dance.

Pommes Fritz

Pommes Fritz, also called Potato Nose or Crispy Carl, is never alone! He always comes with a group of friends! He will call for even more reinforcements if you want. With the delicious Block House Ketchup you can give him little red hat. 

Potato Paul

Round, healthy and yummy to eat! What a handsome guy! Wearing his favourite jacket and plenty of sour cream! Why, you ask? Because he has heard your tummy rumbling. 

Captain Sigi

Ahoy Captain Sigi! He just came back from the high seas and has plenty of stories to tell! Or perhaps it’s true that he is not just trying to catch crispy French fries and delicious Block House ketchup in his net, but also lots of hungry mouths to feed?

Puty the Kid

Just look at that cowboy! He is from the Wild West and is one of the best! For his friends he always brings two tender turkey steaks, a baked potato with delicious sour cream and Block House bread. Puty the Kid takes his hat off to anyone who can eat all that food!

Magic Meal

Magic Meal always has a big magic smile on his face! Today he will tell you his secret spell! If you say it a juicy Block Burger with French fries and crispy Block House bread will appear! “Magic potion witches’ pot, I could really eat a lot!”

Toni Tomato

Whoever gets caught by Tomato Toni is very lucky! Find your way through a forest of thin noodles and tomato sauce. If you like, you can even have some Parmesan on top! You hunger will then be gone for a while – but only until the next meal! 

Western Plate

A lot is going on the Western plate! Tender beef medallions, French fries with ketchup and Block House bread are all fighting for your attention! Who will you eat first? Whatever the outcome of the battle, you can then recite your victory speech: “I munched my way through all that!”