The new BLOCK HOUSE Bielefeld brings delicious steaks to NRW

The keyword search "Steaks Bielefeld" has a new hit since autumn 2020: the BLOCK HOUSE Bielefeld. In October last year, the new BLOCK HOUSE location at Obernstrasse 44 in Bielefeld was opened with a small, corona-compliant celebration. In addition to the BLOCK HOUSE restaurants in Düsseldorf and Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia can now look forward to another place where tender steaks, crisp, fresh salads, baked potatoes and the original BLOCK HOUSE bread are served. The BLOCK HOUSE Bielefeld is easy to reach in the center of the city and complements the local gastronomic concept - especially for all meat lovers. An open room concept, a spacious terrace and a total of 44 meters of window front, which can even be opened in summer, create a cozy atmosphere. The new BLOCK HOUSE restaurant has 150 seats inside, of which around 30 are in the club room, which can be booked for events. In addition to the warm service and the BLOCK HOUSE quality, the BLOCK HOUSE Bielefeld is characterized by a well thought-out safety and hygiene concept. Like the other BLOCK HOUSE locations, it has a ventilation system based on fresh air supply, which ensures a sevenfold air exchange per hour. This way, all guests can enjoy their safe and unforgettable BLOCK HOUSE experience. “Bielefeld is the economic center of East Westphalia-Lippe. The people of Bielefeld are open-minded and cheerful. We believe that we fit in well with the lifestyle in this city and look forward to welcoming guests from Bielefeld and the region to BLOCK HOUSE, ”emphasized Markus Gutendorff, CEO of Block House Restaurantbetriebe AG, on the occasion of the opening.

The Bielefeld team can hardly wait to see you! All important information about opening times and offers can be found here!