A book about the steak king!

Eugen Block has published his biography! He is “founder and Hanseatic citizen – steadfast and grounded”. This is how he is described by his bibliographer Jens Meyer-Odewald. The new book about his life and development was released on Wednesday 15.11.2017 in the BLOCKBRÄU at Landungsbrücken. The reader now has 320 pages to learn a lot about the development of the owner, his childhood in a gastronomic family, his education and years of travel in the USA and the idea of a steakhouse chain he developed there, which actually had its origins in Dorotheenstrasse in Winterhude.

In the biography of Eugen Block his life is seen anew. But he doesn't only look back, but also to the future by starting a trust. This was also addressed at the book release. The intention is to be guided by Christian humanism in development and promotion of young people and ensuring a healthy nutrition environment.

“I managed to become a businessman”, comments Eugen Block. “A lot of my colleagues were responsible for company growth and development, supporting their families at the same time. With this trust I want to contribute to helping people who are exposed to difficult and poor living conditions.”