BLOCK HOUSE opening in Augsburg

Fifty years after the opening of the first BLOCK HOUSE restaurant in Hamburg BLOCK HOUSE unveils its 51st restaurant in Fuggerstadt. As from 25th May guests at Ulrichsplatz have been able to enjoy the best steaks. This makes the new location in the Swabian capital the fourth in Bavaria after Munich and Nurnberg.

In Augsburg we are taking advantage of our wonderful situation with its fantastic view of the churches and giving a glimpse of Fuggerstadt’s long history. Surrounded by cafés and restaurants with a view of the catholic church of St Ulrich and Afra with its protestant front building of Protestant St Ulrich, the new restaurant with its approximately 400 m2 is captivating with its total of 209 seats, its warm atmosphere, a 1.5 m2 8-flame lava stone grill and a menu to gladden the heart of all steak lovers. So guests can for example order juicy steaks, crispy-fresh salads, baked potatoes and oven-fresh BLOCK HOUSE bread.