Side dishes

Potatoes are not just potatoes. Our baked potato is the queen of side dishes and with its many vitamins it is a real power pack. We serve 3.6 million of them every year at our Block House restaurants.

In a tradition that goes back more than 40 years, we source our potatoes from farmer Hans-Heinrich Hedder from the Lüneburg Heath. He guarantees that every potato has a light and fluffy consistency, weighs between 280g and 350g and consequently meets our requirements to 100%.

From the Potato to a Baked Potato

The selected potatoes are delivered to your Block House every night, where they are thoroughly washed and brushed. They are then baked in a 180˚C fan-assisted oven, on a grid to ensure that they do not burn underneath. After 70 minutes they are cut open in the middle and covered with our finely seasoned sour cream, prepared to our own recipe. Garnished with fresh chives, the potato has now become an original Block House Baked Potato.