Angus cattle from Transylvania

Black Angus pasture-fed oxen
Angus cattle are among the most valuable cattle breeds in the world and are appreciated everywhere for the outstanding quality of their meat. We have been serving beef from pedigree Angus cattle – from an exclusive cooperation with Angus breeders in Transylvania, Romania – since April 2015. The extensive grassland areas within the arc of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania enable cattle breeding that makes both economic and environmental sense.
With Angus cattle we have a typical, early maturing breed that is very robust and adaptable and bred extensively for its beef. These pedigree animals are kept ethically on the natural meadows in the Transylvanian region of Romania. The sustainably produced beef enjoys an outstanding reputation throughout the world due to its distinctive marbling, its tenderness and its taste.

The Angus cattle breeding programme
The Angus breeding programme guarantees that the calves grow up close to the mother cow for approx. six months, the best quality Angus meat, and meadow grazing from the beginning of April to the end of November. Juicy, extensive meadow areas in combination with a mild climate provides the cattle with plenty of feed, freedom of access and movement. This meadow cattle grows more slowly, which increases the quality of the meat. In winter the animals are kept in open, modernised cold-air barns on straw with meadow access. The natural feed comes from regional cultivation and consists of green fodder, grass silage, hay, maize and cereals. This quality meat stands out with the distinctive taste that comes from its feed of various grasses and herbs the tender marbling of its flesh.